Growing Honesty

Ok. So I really thought I would be better about blogging, but life got in the way! Mark and I were both also out of town for a couple weeks, but now we are back and summer is upon us! During out time away, the garden did alright. I thought I lost all my squash, but then just yesterday I saw a flower! The tomatoes look sad, but almost all have buds, so that is a good sigh. I have one regret so far; the straw mulch. I think it caused grass seed to totally invade my garden! I have been trying to pull it out, but haven’t gotten very far. My preferred mulch is finally ready! Wood Chips! I need to mix in some compost too. Mark spent lots of hours last weekend chipping up four of the 50ish huge trees lining our back yard.

Projects for this weekend:

  1. Fertilize the Garden
  2. Attach pole beans to trellis (the peas are looking awesome!)
  3. Chip up a few more trees
  4. Possibly take down part of fence in backyard

We are finding it a challenge to decide what we really want our backyard to be like. It has so much potential…but the amount of work seems overwhelming. One day at a time. I’ll post a pictures and let me know if you have any ideas!


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